Film Work

Gold Sphere


What if gold hoop earrings could become a portal to an alternate universe created by Black Girls where they could study, research, and find connection through movement? – A universe where Black girls can discuss and escape the racial unrest in the United States of America.

Jade Charon Robertson -Director,  Choreographer, & Writer 

Nijah “Spice “ Mentor - Cinematographer & Editor 

Ker Chen - Virtual  Art Designer & Technologist  

Ericka Njeumi- Assistant Virtual Art Designer & Technologist 

Amanda Barrett - Production Admin Assistant 

Producer-  Myga Soõl 

Sound Designer- Eric Vargas  

Wardrobe- Myga Soõl 

Costume Designer - Kimberly “Kimistry” Green  


Raven Taylor /Dancer & Actress  

Adenna Blenman/ Dancer &  Actress  

Alyssa Wheeler/ Dancer & Actress 

Jade Charon Robertson - Dancer 

Galen Colon- Actor 

Madison Lion- Actor 


Title: Black Girl Fly Spoken Word 

Composer and Performer: Funmilola Fagbamila 

Title: African Drums Bata (Ethnic Tribal African Percussion Upbeat Festive) 

Composer:Shabani Jabiri Bakari (PRS) 

Title: Jazz Drums  

Composer: Nik Davies 

Title: Stress Relief Meditation  

Composer: Richard Smyth 

Title: Traumatraum 

Composer:  Echoes of Hinterland 

This film was made with the gracious support of THE CUNY Black, Race, & Ethnic Studies Initiative &with the technical support of the Integrated Design & Media | Tandon School of Engineering New York University. 

Copyright (C) *|2023|* *|3011 By Jade Charon Company|*. All rights reserved.




Gold, is a superhero dance film, that examines the innate powers of Black womanhood. There's a saying that when a Black woman takes off her earrings and puts on vaseline, she's about to fight. What would happen  if she puts on her earrings on and she transforms into a superhero?


Director & Choreographer : Jade Charon

Director of Photography : Eric McCambridge

Editor: Eric McCambridge & Jade Charon

Dancers/Actors: Chase Bell, 



Between 2016-2018, Jade Charon created a trilogy of the dance films that focuses on the unfair killings of Black and Brown people due to police brutality in America.The first two films Reverse & Recharge were meant to stand in solidarity with 
the Black Lives Matter movement. Restore is culmination of these ideas with an addition 
of the artist inviting audiences to view her own journey of healing as a Black woman.



Restore, is a dance documentary film that focuses on Jade’s solo journey to creating 
healing spaces for Black Women in her community. By drawing from her recorded experiences 
in Burkina Faso and Senegal as a source of inspiration, Jade begins to create a healing 
experience for her community by first her healing herself. Some theorists believe that 
when African American women wear their hair in braids, whether subconsciously or 
consciously, they are longing to connect with their African roots. In agreement with this 
theory, Jade narrates this films by getting her natural hair braided. The braiding process 
begins her journey to reconnection with her history and identity. 

Directed & Choreographed by Jade Charon 

Cinematographer- Champ Robinson  

Edited: Champ Robinson, Jade Charon 



Recharge, the second film speaks to spiritual transformation . Jade, searches for peace 
and solitude. Isolated from the 
community and located by the ocean in Malibu, CA, iJade is able to confront her lack of hope in humanity through their spiritual guidance and dance. 

Directed & Choreographed by Jade Charon 

Cinematographer- Champ Robinson  

Edited: Champ Robinson, Jade Charon 


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